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Gift Guide: Fashion
Gift Guide: FashionGift Guide: Fashion

Gift Guide: Fashion

By: Casa Chiqui

Find our selection of fashionable products ideal for combining, gifting and pampering yourself.

Silk dresses

With bright and striking tones, designed by Casa Chiqui.

Dresses, sarees and shirtdresses

In linen and cotton. From Colombia, Italy and Indonesia.

Exclusive Jewellery

Designed by Casa Chiqui, made with shells, Seashell and natural orchids plated in 24 carat gold.

Handbags from Colombia and Indonesia

Handwoven with different types of natural fibres, decorated with shells, Seashell, flowers from iraca. Ideal for warm land, beach and sea.

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Hats and Belt

Hats woven in natural fibre.

Buffalo leather belt woven with brightly coloured threads.


Moroccan handmade suede slippers with leather soles. Made with the same traditional technique since medieval times.

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