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Chiqui de Echavarría

A Letter from Our Founder

I’m a lover of rare and beautiful objects, and an incessant wanderer. Myanmar, Mexico, Thailand, India, Turkey, Indonesia… I’ve been visiting the towns and markets of these countries since I was a teenager and spent months exploring the island of Bali with just my one bag. After that, I never stopped traveling —or growing my collection of global treasures.

I’ve always loved welcoming people into my world, and when I founded Casa Chiqui a decade ago I dreamed of creating a home outside my home, a meeting place for other wanderers like myself. Those who have visited my boutique know that in Casa Chiqui, the extraordinary is the norm.

And while I continue to bring the marvels of the world to my beloved city, the quality of local craft has never been lost on me. For years, I’ve cultivated relationships with Colombian artisans across the country whose work I also showcase in my boutique.

In time, and encouraged by my daughter, I began designing my own line of accessories and jewelry. By experimenting with the traditional materials and techniques of Colombian crafts, I uncovered their unexpected possibilities and created something surprisingly wonderful.

Welcome to Casa Chiqui, please make yourself at home. With love,

Chiqui de Echavarría.