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Gift Guide: Decoration
Gift Guide: DecorationGift Guide: Decoration

Gift Guide: Decoration

By: Casa Chiqui

Indonesian Snail Lamps

Indonesian lamps made of natural snail shell on a metal base. The shell filters the bulb, generating a warm and charming light.

Bronze lamps

Handmade lamps in a variety of shapes, designs and colours that give a special personality to your space and to the lamp itself. Brought from Morocco and Indonesia.

Vases in assembled wood, woven rattan, and carved alabaster

Vases made with special techniques:

1. The Erosi vase is assembled with reclaimed teak, highlighting the shape and texture of each piece.

2. The rattan vase is woven with natural fibres.

3. The Egyptian alabaster vase has unique translucent veins, and serves as a candlestick.

Wooden sculptures from Indonesia

These pieces are hand carved from solid blocks of Teak wood, making them unique pieces.

Masks were traditionally worn for ceremonial purposes, to protect the home and repel evil spirits.

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From Mexico and Colombia to your table

1. Tablecloths woven in natural fique, from Santander, Colombia.

2. 6 place settings, made of glazed earthenware, characteristic of the area of Santa Maria Atzompa in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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Colombian cushion and hammocks

For relaxing spaces, this Puyao Cushion, Colombian crocheted hammock, and Wayuu Chinchorro with "Kanaas" design.

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