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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Decorative Objects
Mother's Day Gift Guide: Decorative ObjectsMother's Day Gift Guide: Decorative Objects

Mother's Day Gift Guide: Decorative Objects

By: Casa Chiqui
Chiqui House

This Mother's Day 2021 comes at a time of optimism, when all around the world we are taking care of ourselves, slowly and carefully getting out of our bubbles.

A few weeks ago, we shared with you our Mother's Day Guide, where we covered jewellery, accessories and a beautiful Indian silk kimono.

Now we continue with the second part of our Mother's Day gift guide, with 7 decorative objects personally chosen by Chiqui to brighten up and brighten up any space in your home.

Now that summer and the 2021 holidays are approaching in the northern hemisphere, we are thinking about how to decorate our spaces using warm and cheerful materials, with Egyptian alabaster products, Moroccan cushions, our emblematic mirror from Morocco, and even an Indonesian single that combines perfectly with the warm and fresh tones of the other products.

Thinking of spaces that evoke the sun and the beach, we used a palette of beige, white, brown, with small accents of black, to achieve a light and elegant ambience.

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Moroccan cushions in Sabra silk

These Moroccan cushions are woven with Sabra silk, obtained from the Moroccan cactus. This silk is completely handmade and the decorative figures use threads dyed with a natural vegetable dye, while the rest of the fabric has the natural colour of silk. Each piece is unique because it is made with manual processes and 100% organic materials.

Moroccan cushion with geometric patterns, cactus silk fabric

Sabra Moroccan cushion white-black


This cactus silk cushion uses black geometric patterns, with diamonds, triangles, trapezoids and squares, in combination with black ribbons. The natural dye gives an organic texture to the figures, which complements well with the natural colour of the silk. This cushion is stylised, rectangular in shape, with a geometric and minimalist pattern.

Moroccan cushion, with column motif, woven in cactus silk

Sabra Moroccan beige cushion Sabra beige


This square model makes a completely different use of the design than the previous model. We see a stitch pattern framing the cushion complementing its embroidery. Its minimalist design is elegant and cheerful, highlighting the natural colour and texture of Sabra silk with two columns and a touch of yellow. It is an ideal combination for the model with geometric elements, as the two complement each other perfectly.

Moroccan Mirror

Moroccan Mirror with inlays

Moroccan Mirror In The Shape Of An Arch


One of the emblematic products of Casa Chiqui: Our authentic Moroccan mirror handmade with traditional materials.

Made in Morocco using age-old techniques, such as the traditional inlay of henna-dyed animal bone inlaid with henna on a cedar wood base. And decorated with gilded metal.

To create each piece requires time and skill on the part of the craftsman.

The shape of the mirror is that of a traditional Moroccan arch, a piece to set the ambience of your home.

Indonesia Individuals

Individual woven in hapao rattan and Seashell

Woven rattan placemat


Originally from Indonesia, a set of handmade placemats made from 100% sustainable materials.

Woven in natural rattan with a pattern known as hapal rattan comes from lianas, a species of climbing palm trees endemic to Indonesia.

It is a particular wood that comes from the vines and not from the trunk, therefore it has greater elasticity than trunk wood.

Using heating techniques, it can be moulded without breaking, so it has been and is traditionally used in Indonesia to create distinctive handcrafted furniture and decorations.

The texture and natural brown colour of the rattan is complemented by the white Seashell around it, framing the delicate craftsmanship. Because of its organic and natural design, it is a special element that matches your table decoration.

Egyptian decorations

Egyptian alabaster was worked by the ancient Egyptians in biblical times, and in the Middle East. It was used by the Egyptians to make various types of sacred vessels and containers. Its natural formation through mineral layering and activity in the environment results in its characteristic cream-coloured veins.

It is a porous stone that requires specialised care, worked with different processes using fire, salt and cloth to highlight its veins and carve it.

Egyptian Alabaster Candleholder

Egyptian Alabaster Candleholder


This small candlestick, made in southern Egypt, has a minimalist cut. Its white tone and geometric cuts contrast with the delicate and natural shapes of the cream-coloured veins.

It can be used alone, as a decorative piece, or as a container for flowers, candles, or other items.

Egyptian Alabaster Vase

Egyptian Alabaster Vase, 50 Cm


This piece functions as a decorative candlestick or vase and is a perfect complement to the candelabra.

Its elegant silhouette is long and oval, with a flat mouth. This makes it an elegant decorative piece, which can be used as a candleholder or decorative vase, with candles or dried flowers. It should not be used with water as it is a porous stone.

Egyptian side table with marble top

Side table with marble top


And ending our guide, this Egyptian table in black brass with marble top.

Made in the artisan workshops of old Cairo. There, craftsmen shape the piece by hand, so the brass has a natural texture.

Like the other Egyptian pieces on this list, it has a simple and elegant silhouette and design, ideal for decoration. The base is conical with curves at the top to accommodate the marble top.

This concludes our two-part series on ideal gifts for mum. They were chosen with her elegance, joy and sophistication in mind. We send our best wishes to them and their families.

Happy Mother's Day.

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