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Our pieces in Indonesian Carved Stone
Our pieces in Indonesian Carved StoneOur pieces in Indonesian Carved Stone

Our pieces in Indonesian Carved Stone

By: Casa Chiqui
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Indonesia has a tradition of tribal art that has developed and flourished for centuries, especially in the culture of the ethnic groups of the Nias, Batak, Asmat, Dayak and Toraja.

They have developed their stone sculpture by combining local tradition with influences from the Hindu-Buddhist civilisations of India and to a lesser degree, Chinese, Arabic and European. This, in combination with Indonesian limestone, has resulted in a style and quality that is iconic in the world.

At Casa Chiqui, we have a selection of products brought directly from Indonesia, created by its artisans, reminiscent of its scenic landscapes, dynamic culture and traditional craftsmanship.

We hope this selection will enchant you as much as it did us, and that it will evoke in you cloud-crossing volcanoes, dense rainforests, beaches, a deep blue sea and a warm and friendly population.

In March 2017, TripAdvisor named Bali as the best destination in its Traveller's Choice award, a title it won again in January 2021.

The Indonesian Stones

Traditionally, craftsmen carve local limestone. It is particular for its massive and heavy appearance, but it is actually light, like pumice.

These designs have a useful life of many years, with the particularity that the more they are exposed to the elements, the more they acquire an aged appearance that demarcates their exotic beauty. Also, because of their texture, they accept moss easily. Both of these properties give Indonesian limestone sculptures a distinctive natural and antique look, which can be enhanced by the way they are used.

Traditionally, stone carvers have created works for temples and palaces, and even today it is a tradition for homes and crowded spaces in Indonesia to have sculptures and carvings to protect and adorn them.

Casa Chiqui's pieces are authentic, imported from Indonesia and made from stone extracted from its islands and worked by its craftsmen.

Because of the use of natural stone, the craftsmanship, and the effect that the environment has on the limestone, each piece is unique, limited to a single inventory and collectible.

Ornamental Indonesian table, carved in stone

Stone carved table


This outdoor table has been carved with figures of birds and apes, with plants and floral motifs covering almost the entire surface.

The base consists of a thick, solid oval shaft, which supports the table top. Due to its solid style and design with botanical and animal elements, it is ideal for decorating green spaces such as gardens, patios and terraces.

The table and each of its details have been hand carved, taking care to complement a solid geometric figure with fine, organic details, taking advantage of the natural texture of the limestone and paying attention to details such as the plumage of the birds, the hair of the apes and the veins of the plants. It is a unique and authentic piece, of which we only have one example.

Pot from Bali, carved in stone with arabesques

Carved  stone pot with natural green rhombus design


Pot handmade floor covering. Originally from Bali, Indonesia. It has been carved with arabesques and a braiding that evokes the lianas of the Indonesian jungle. Like other pieces in this article, its beauty comes from the combination of the solid geometric figures (the circle and the oval) with aesthetic proportions; the surface design covered in elaborate organic motifs; and the natural properties of the limestone, which provide texture and natural colour, resulting from the moss that has adhered to the stone.

The result is a unique piece with the imprint of stone, nature and the craftsman.

Pot beige Balinese stone with diamonds


This almost one-metre-long pot is made of grey sandstone with reddish highlights on the carved areas. It continues the use of floral and botanical motifs that we have seen in the other pieces, framed by figures and ornamentation of local tradition.

This Balinese mat is handmade, it has the distinctive characteristics of Balinese stone pieces: a clean and elegant silhouette, natural texture and natural figures hand carved by artisans in Bali.

It is a rustic complement to any space, especially gardens, patios and terraces.

Balinese Buddha head, carved in green stone

Stone sculpture of a Buddha's head


This bust, or Buddha's head, is an example of how Indian culture and art has entered and combined with Indonesian art.

This Indonesian Buddha sculpture has been hand carved on green stone, hence its smooth and dark appearance, in contrast to the other objects so far. This is precisely what defines this unique Buddha head: A Buddhist religious motif, brought from India, interpreted in Indonesian, using local green stone.

In Bali, having one of these sculptures represents the power to cut through ignorance by appreciating purity, virtue, the beauty of life and the spiritual.

Ganesh carved in stone

Ganesh carved in stone


Decorative figure of Ganesha seated, wearing his crown.

Ganesha is one of the most well-known and praised deities of the Hindu pantheon and one of the most recognised deities in the world. This piece is another example of how Hindu culture and religion has been combined with local tradition in Indonesia.

Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles, patron of the arts and sciences and the Hindu deva or deity of intelligence and wisdom. He is also considered the patron of letters and learning, and is therefore honoured at the beginning of rites and ceremonies, and invoked by writers at the beginning of their work. He is also venerated and represented in Hindu homes.

It is recommended to strengthen environments of peace, learning and creation.

Stone candle stand from Indonesia

Pedestal, 124 Cms


This pillar is used as a pedestal for multiple candles around its surfaces and each level can be illuminated. Perfect for outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces and patios. It is 1.24 meters high and is made of natural stone.

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